Call for Local Meetups

Learning on Graphs Conference, 2024

The Learning on Graphs conference (LoG) is an annual research conference that covers areas broadly related to machine learning on graphs and geometry, with a special focus on review quality. In its inaugural edition, LoG 2022 received 250+ paper submissions, 2,800+ total registrations, and distributed $30,000+ in reviewer awards.

LoG 2024 will be a 4-day virtual event via Zoom+GatherTown and completely free to attend (dates: 26th – 29th November 2024).

At the same time, LoG 2024 aims to host a ’network’ of local mini-conferences around the world. This decision builds upon the success and positive reception of LoG 2022 and 2023 local meetups from all over the world (memories from LoG 2023). The goal is to connect participants belonging to the same geographic area, improving their social experience and fostering discussion and collaboration.

We are now looking for local meetup organisers for LoG 2024 ! To ensure a smooth organisation, please send us a proposal if you are interested.

Our aims with LoG local meetups:

  • Provide a social venue for LoG participants by geographic area.
  • Bring together local research communities around machine learning on graphs and geometry.
  • Allow local attendees to engage with each other’s research outside LoG’s program, e.g. via poster sessions or lightning talks.

Important dates:

  • Deadline for submitting a proposal: Anytime.
  • Notification of acceptance: ~2/3 weeks after submission.

How will proposals be judged:

  • Local community engagement.
  • Content and events proposed (e.g. hosting local speakers, poster sessions, schedule etc.)
  • Organising team (e.g. past organisation experiences, expertise, ability to gather people, etc.)
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion.

What LoG will provide to local meetups:

  • Publicity and promotion of your local meetup via our website and social channels.
  • Featured as local meetup organisers on our website.

How to format the event:

While meetup organisers will be given creative freedom over the format, schedule, venue, etc. of local events, all officially endorsed meetups are governed by the LoG code of Conduct. All meetup activities are considered to be self-funded by the local meetup. Candidate organisers can consider having:

  • Website of the main event (recommended).
  • Single or multiple-day event.
  • Poster session including preliminary and already accepted work (also from other venues).
  • Coffee breaks and other social events.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the success of our conference!

For other questions, please contact us at